But why?

It all started with a lunchtime conversation about an item in the news about the cost of the Royal Family in the UK. It seems that the Royals cost us £37.4milllion in the last financial year. Now, that sounds like a lot, but it works out at a mere 62p per person.

What this demonstrates, more than anything, is that a lot of people paying a totally trivial sum of money can add up to a very large sum - provided enough people pay it. And the conversation turned from there into a general discussion of the principle of mass fund-raising - the concept of getting as many people as possible to contribute an amount that's almost meaningless to them, but when added up could be a significant amount.

This website is an attempt to tap into that. I want you all to give me one - either one US Dollar, one British Pound or one Euro. Anyone can spare that amount of money, so it's not as if it's costing you a lot to do it. But it will be interesting - and possibly quite rewarding, in more ways than one - for me to see just how many people are prepared to give a small sum of money to a total stranger with nothing at all being offered in return.

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